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Spypengen joined the Moti Network on Saturday 3 March, 2012 and he is a guy who likes making obscure references to other things and likes to post in the off-topic thread in the forums as well.

"I'm not human I'm a pengen"

A Pengen is like a penguin but better. They are social creatures found only in the United States of America and there is only 1 known pengen in existence. It is located in a top secet government facility. He enjoys long walks on the artificial beach, swimming in the facility's large swimming pool and watching romantic artificial sunsets.

Pengens are more athletic and faster than the penguin and are more adorable.

The pengens like talking to people on forums and chat rooms.

A Pengen is about 3 feet tall and weighs about 24.5 pounds. ~ (according to the user Spypengen)

Some words of wisdom:

"never wish you were older. Just listen to those older, much older, and you’ll learn to enjoy, and revel in your youth. I remember over hearing old folk say, ‘man life is short’, and I’d think, geez, what geezers, and I don’t care if I’m dead by the time it’s 2000, ‘cause I’ll be 50 years old anyway. Man, I’d love to be 50 now." ~GaryO

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