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Joined 04 Dec 2011
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Rick69 (also known as Rick, Ricky, RK & Rick-a-Shay) is one of the recent regulars on the Moti Network. He joined Sunday the 4th December 2011 and is also a member of the self acclaimed "3 MotiKnights" ("3 Musketeers") on MotiFake, his most active site.

The "3 Moti Knights" are three users who were very close in rank their whole time on the Network and were the youngest (in experience) of all members that participated in the forums at the time, these three users are "M0rd3kaI", "Axe11154" & "Rick69".

Rick69 is found almost all the time on the MotiFake & PeopleSniper forums where he is a Moderator.

As well as being known for his sharp wit, frequent jokes and occasional absurdity, he has also about 200 posters under his belt with the majority being split between MotiFake and PeopleSniper.

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