Logo - Rate The Hotness

Logo of Rate The Hotness

Rate The Hotness is one of the younger sites on the Moti Network and was launched on 11 February 2012. It holds claim to more than 800 pictures of beautiful women.

Rate the hotness is a site where you can upload pictures of beautiful women as well as share, comment and rate other members' pictures.

Rate The Hotness has strict NSFW (Not Safe For Work) guidelines that you have to follow, pictures may not be sexually explicit, nor may there be nudity, however, certain lingeries as well as bikinis are allowed through.

As with all the other sites on the Moti Network, Rate The Hotness also has a forum area where you can get to know other members as well as ask any questions regarding site rules and regulations to the Administrator and/or Moderators.

The forum area on Rate The Hotness also includes a rank system wich is directly proportional to the amount of posts you make in the forum area, this has no real purpose other than showing 'forum experience'.

As well as having a Administrator who runs the whole Moti Network and makes sure that the sites are always up and running, Rate The Hotness has a dedicated team of Moderators and Approvers who approve and reject the pictures and who are there to answer any and all questions about the site.

UPDATE: As of 2016, Rate The Hotness is offline and its domain name is for sale. Its contents were not archived.