Poster Evolution is a forum game started by the user Verdeckt, where a user will put up a picture, and other users make poster's using it. The poster's are then voted on, and the poster with the highest vote count wins for the week. At this point, the winner posts a new picture, and submit's their work to the main site


  • Images MUST be safe for work.
  • Submissions are open to a public vote.
  • Public vote to be finalised within a week (5 days) - preferrably sooner 
  • There is NO MINIMUM number of votes - if only 1 person votes, only 1 person votes!
  • If an image is a non-starter, a new image can be provided by the same user within 2 days.
  • The provider of the image CAN vote.
  • The provider of the image CANNOT create a submission.
  • Submissions CAN include likenesses of fellow Motifakers.
  • Submissions CANNOT name fellow Motifakers (unless their name is a part of normal speech)
  • Submissions CANNOT be in the form of in-jokes unless they are understood by AND appeal to EVERYONE
  • Submissions CAN align with set calendar assignments but CANNOT be uploaded to Motifake unless they win.
  • Only the submission that WINS the public vote is uploaded to Motifake (standard approval process applies).
  • The creator of the winning submission provides a new image and the whole process starts over.. 

Past WinnersEdit

The amount of wins by each person as of page 252 is:

Total wins by each competitor
Username Wins
Greeny 14
pzykosiz 13
forseti 8
caveman 7
Feasibly 6
spacedog 8
mariand 6
the1stCOMMI3 5
crankyhead 3
Hawamleh 4
LiquidAngel 3
BuggattEH 2
champ99 2
GaryO 5
Rick69 2
gas 2
house 1
MissPriss 2
M0rd3kaI 1
Sho 1
steve1961 3
Verdeckt 1
Zetmonk 4
motifayk 1