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Age 33

Manitoba, Canada

Joined 05 May 2009
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Mooooooooooooooooooo (also known as Moo, Moo+ & Moo+17) is one of the oldest active members of the Moti Network as he joined on Tuesday 5th May in 2009. It is important to state outright that his name contans nineteen (19) "o"s. No more and no less than nineteen.

Although he is most active on MotiFake, where he has one of the highest number posts on the forums and on MotiFake After Dark, he is also the founder and Moderator on the new ReligiFake site.

He is also commonly used as an analogy to a cow; possibly because of his username and his hobby of consuming grass.

He has made almost 200 posters in total with the majority split between MotiFake and MotiFake After Dark and increasingly more in Religifake.

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