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Age 19
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Joined 05 Aug 2011
Rank Greybeard
Total time Banned None

M0rd3kai, (also known as M0rd, Mord, M0 and Kai) is a regular on the Moti Network and a member of the self acclaimed '3 Moti Knights' (Also known as the '3 Musketeers') on MotiFake, his most active site

The '3 Moti Knights' are three users who were very close in rank their whole time on the network and were the youngest (in experience) of all members that participated in the forums at the time, these three users are "Axe11154"; "Rick69" and "M0rd3kai".

M0rd3kai is very active on the forum of MotiFake and is known for his ignorance towards internet terminology as well as sarcasm and 'forward' comments.

M0rd3kai also has Approver status on PeopleSniper as well as being a Global Moderator on ReligiFake.

Joined Friday the 5th of August, 2011 M0rd3kai has since added more than 200 pictures to the Moti Network, more than 90 of which were added to MotiFake.

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