Avatar of "Hawamleh"

Age 17

Amman, Jordan

Joined 22 Jun 2010
Official Rank Shepherd
Total time Banned More than anyone cares to remember.

Hawamleh (also known as Hammy, Hamnasium & "The Prodigal Goat Seducer" among many other names) is one of the oldest active members of Moti Network as he joined Tuesday 22nd June in 2010, he is most active on MotiFake. He is also a Moderator on ReligiFake.

Hawamleh is a good-natured man at most times, although he is known for being quite flamboyant, with frequent absurd comments, and whacky mannerism on the forums which have gotten him into trouble a number of times, these are balanced out by some highly impressive MotiFake 'Posters'.

One of few who stick to MotiFake's demotivational mantra, his truly demotivational and depressing style makes most members speculate on wether he has a split personality, due to his lighthearted nature on the forums. He is known among older members for his Boxman series of posters, some truly depressing posters starring the little Boxman.

He has made over 200 posters on MotiFake; some of his work is displayed below.

Being an Arab, and due to some of his mannerisms, there exists a running site joke that he engages in sexual activities with farm animals, most notably goats. Or is it true? Nobody really knows anymore.

He is also "special" in the fact that as of the 2th of May 2012 he is an honorary "Shepherd"; a Rank dedicated specifically to him due to a combination of the respect he has earnt over time and due to the fact that he is the only member on the Moti Network that had his Rank set as MotiNoob For about a year and few months even though he had enough posts to aquire the Greybeard rank, on MotiFake, during the last mnths of that period he was recognized by the community as a Greynoob. The Shepherd Rank signifies his role as a helper to newer members.

His MotiFake profile can be seen by clicking this link: Hawamleh

"And the Prodigal goat seducer returns...." -5butjam, on Hawamleh's return after a short disapearance from the MotiFake forum.

Example WorkEdit

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