Le Greybeard

The rank badge that appears underneath a Greybeard ranked user in the forum.

The Greybeard rank is a rank given to users on the Moti Network and is only given when the user holds a total amount of forum posts equal to or above 1,000.

This signifies the highest rank on the Moti Network if you are a regular user on the forum area, the rank does not, however, mean you are the best, but merely that you are active in the forum areas.

Forum RanksEdit

Rank Forum Posts
MotiSeedling 0-99
MotiNoob 100-499
MotiMaster 500-749
MotiGod 750-999
Greybeard 1000+

The amount of forum posts you have made is directly related to the rank you are, the table provides the amount of posts you need to attain each rank. If you are active in the forums of a site on the Moti Network, you will see it easy to attain the rank of greybeard in around 2 months, depending on the amount of people actually replying and making it easier for you to gain a few posts per day.


Greybeard rank can be denied by the administrator at any time, in essence 'freezing' your current rank, but that is only done on very rare occasions. The rank of Greybeard can also be given at a sooner time by the administrator if he feels you are more worthy of the title even if you have not reached the necessary amount of posts, although this - such as being denied the rank of greybeard - is very rare to come by and will most likely not happen to anyone who happens to visit the forums.

Greybeard RespectEdit

When you reach the rank of greybeard, there is still a very likely chance that you will not be accepted as a greybeard and still be referred to as a noob/ newb/ n00b. Getting the rank of Greybeard in any forum area is easy if you participate in the forum, post replies; jokes; pictures; messages; updates; news; stories; etc, but that still does not mean you will be referred to as a Greybeard.

Getting the necessary respect of a Greybeard is a fair task on its own, many of the older members make frequent visits to the Moti Network, but will not post messages, when they do, it usually has to do with how much of a nuisance the seedlings are posting replies to their subscribed topics that are incredibly off topic.