Moderator Logo

Global Moderators are users on the Moti Network that act like Police officers, they enforce the rules of the Moti Network, ensure that order is maintained between users and if need arises they can delete posts made in the forums as well as ban users that overstep the rules repeatedly.

The act of banning a user, however, does not happen too often, but it is always dealt with as professionally as possible and as discreetly as possible so the offending party does not have as much humiliation to deal with.

Every site on the Moti Network has its own unique set of Moderators making the work more evenly spread out between the Moderators.

In the forums, a user's name will be green if they are a Moderator within that particular site, When commenting on pictures in the site, a user that is also a Moderator within that particular site will have a Moderator tag in the comment.

The Administrator of the Moti Network does have all the abilities of banning users, deleting comments as well as approving or rejecting picture submissions, but seeing as s/he is merely one person and there are more than 20 sites on the Moti Network it is quite difficult to handle all of them alone, thus the addition of numerous Moderators to lighten the task.