Logo of Daily-Comix

Daily-Comix is a site dedicated to comics from around the internet, many in the style of Yonkoma manga (4コマ漫画?, "four cell manga", or 4-koma for short) [Quote from Wikipedia], or Rage Comics.

The Daily-Comix site also has a forum section, where you can get to know other users and discuss ideas for new rage comics and characters.

The forum section also has a Rank system that is directly based off of the amount of posts you make in the corresponding forum.

As well as having an Administrator running the whole Moti Network, Daily-Comix also has a dedicated team of Moderators who see to that all users follow the rules and approve/reject the Submissions to the site.

UPDATE: As of 2016, Daily-Comix is offline and its domain name is for sale. Its contents were not archived.


Just a few of many Daily-Comix pictures on the site just to give a basic overview of what to expect when visiting it.