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Age 20
Location Florida, USA
Joined 29 Sep 2011
Rank Greybeard
Total time Banned 1 Week

Axe11154 (also known as Axe), is also one of the self acclaimed '3 Moti Knights' (also known as the '3 Musketeers'), consisting of "Axe11154", "Rick69" and "M0rd3kai". These three users were very close by rank during their time on MotiFake and were the youngest (in experience) of all members that participated in the forums at the time.

Axe11154 is a regular user on the MotiFake forum area and a good poster maker as well. He is very straight forward and known for his witty and humouristic comments in the forum area. His posters almost always deal with how he is feeling towards a event which heavily changes the outcome of his work. Joined Thursday the 29th of September of 2011, Axe11154 has since uploaded more than 40 posters to the MotiFake site in particular.

Axe at one time worked on a ranch where he had suffered a terrible injury to the jaw. This had forced him to quit school to keep hidden. As he had all the credits he needed to leave for college; he and his girlfriend left to florida where they now reside.

His account name comes from the expression "your weapons numbered by blood" and in his name it says Axe (weapon) 11154 (blood on hand or bad things you have done in life). Axe may also have inadvertantly started the "avatar evolution" where, on ranking up, you change your avatar to fit your rank more appropriately.

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