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The Moti Network is run by an Administrator that uses the profile 'Motinet' to interact with the site and members.

The Administrator has the ability to: approve and reject Submissions; 'freeze' or 'advance' Forum Ranks; add new programming to change what the site looks like; ban any member overstepping the rules (temporarily and permanently); delete posts and threads and submit posters/pictures as well.

Motinet - or also known as "Mr. M" to regular forum users - is very open to messages and requests if you were to send him a PM (Private Message). Of course courtesy is advised with all users, but even more so with the site Administrator.

Copyright ProtectionEdit

The Administrator works very hard to keep all the sites on the Moti Network up and running as well as protecting the members from other people claiming copyright on a tagged Moti Network item.

Of course, that goes both ways, if you submit copyrighted pictures the Moderators may not accept the submission, if you break copyright and take a tagged Moti Network picture and claim it as your own, however, that will bear severe consequences. The Administrator is fair and will warn you to delete any stolen property before taking further steps, but if you fail to do so, the Moti Network attorneys will not hesitate to take the matter further.

Example WorkEdit

As well as keeping the Moti Network user friendly and up and running, the Administrator also has time to make some posters as well.

These are only a few of over 100 posters Motinet has added to MotiFake in particular.